The Year of Living Rudely

Friday, August 19, 2005

Tickets Still Available:
Dear Rude Pundit,
The Ticketweb link says that I need to buy tickets at the door to get into The Rude Pundit in The Year of Living Rudely in its oh-so-last-fuckin'-second added performance at Dixon Place on Saturday, August 20 at 7 p.m. Is this true? Or is it sold out?

Guy Who Doesn't Understand

Dear Guy Who Doesn't Understand,
There are still some tickets available for the oh-so-last-fuckin'-second added performance of the Rude Pundit live at Dixon Place on Saturday, August 20 at 7 p.m. You merely need to show up at 258 Bowery in New York City at least 15 minutes before the start in order to purchase, with fifteen of your real hard-earned dollars in cash, tickets and enjoy an hour, more or less, of unmitigated rudeness.

The Rude Pundit

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Added Show - Short Notice - Buy Now:
The New York International Fringe Festival has added a performance of The Rude Pundit in The Year of Living Rudely this Saturday, August 20, at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased in advance by going to Ticketweb and typing in "Dixon Place" in the venue search. Or try clicking here.

So far, this is the only additional performance of the Rude Pundit live. Only 40 seats available.

Also, some standby seats are available for all other performances (tonight at 7:15, Sunday at 2:15, Wednesday at 5 p.m., Friday the 26th at 10:30 p.m.). Show up fifteen minutes prior to the show if you wanna see if you can get in (and this ain't a fuckin' guarantee, but, hey, it also ain't Wicked).

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Review in the New York Times:
Oh, sweet Grey Lady, all is forgiven on Judith Miller. Check out the review by Margo Jefferson.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Reviews, Temperatures, Etc.:
So, yes, as Steve Gilliard said, it is fuckin' hot at Dixon Place. But, really, with a single A/C at least, it ain't as hot as it is in other venues for the festival. And besides, as this longtime Southerner has experienced, Northerners know fuck-all about air conditioning. (Plus, with the hellspawn weather breaking, there's a good chance it'll be pleasant on Bowery this week.)

The director's car was actually towed, not stolen, and, after a joyous trip to the Navy Yards of Brooklyn to retrieve said Corolla, the blow-up dolls are all safe and ready to continue their fine work.

So far, Left Blogsylvania has been givin' the sweet lovin' to The Rude Pundit in The Year of Living Rudely. From Lindsay at Majikthise to Julia at Sisyphus Shrugged to Scott Lemieux at Lawyers, Guns, and Money to a pretty detailed one by Liz at BlondeSense (warning: there's joke spoilers in this link), the Rude Pundit has been feelin' the gentle hand job of kindness.

A review is up at the online zine Gothamist. And more will be posted as they become available.